County Work Program

A program by the District & Circuit Court to provide work opportunities in lieu of jail time.

The primary job of the Benton County Work Program is to oversee individuals that have been court ordered to perform hours through this office in lieu of jail time or as part of probation requirements. However depending on the individual courts needs this office can also supervise public service work for fines assessed or court ordered community service.

This office does not offer job placement services for the county, ( contact the Benton County Human Resources office 271-1090 ) the ability to file for unemployment benefits ( contact Ark. Dept. of Workforce Services 636-4755 ) or work release through the Benton County jail (the individual court where the sentence was imposed would need to be contacted for information regarding work release or any changes).

This program only deals with nonviolent offenders with offenses such as:
  • DWI
  • Theft
  • Shoplifting Bad Check Charges (both felony & misdemeanor)
  • Battery
  • Domestic
  • Traffic Violations
  • Possession Charges

The Benton County Work Program allows participants the ability to work off their court ordered requirements, provide valuable labor hours to community service organizations while maintaining their employment. It also affords the individual an opportunity to maintain their home life & continue to take care of their families in lieu of spending that time in the county jail which ultimately cost the tax payers of Benton County $55.00 a day therefore alleviating jail overcrowding.

The Benton County Work Program is a service utilized by Circuit, District and City courts in Benton County. Any individual that has been seen by a Judge from any of the above courts and ordered to do the work program are required to contact this office and set up an appointment to schedule these requirements. At the initial appointment provide your documentation from the court that reflects what has been required of you and also picture identification if you have one.

On the appointment date an information sheet is completed that will detail your current status with regards to your work/school/etc. schedule. This information is taken into consideration when making the decision regarding worksite placement.

Individuals coming from the Circuit court should do an intake with the Department of Community Corrections probation office before setting up an appointment with this office.

District Court Phone Numbers & Addresses
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District Court Websites

This work program is not just operational Monday-Friday, we work with several sites to offer weekend availability to accommodate those that cannot work through the week either because of an employer or school obligations. We have found that our clients are far more successful based on the structure of this program and our willingness to work with their current schedules. As with all our clients, any appointments that an individual has either with a doctor, probation officer, court date, etc. verification is required to be provided to this office and the worksite you have been assigned to. This information is also required in the event of a death within the family that requires attending funeral services on scheduled work days.

Those persons who are currently not employed are encouraged to work as many days a week as possible in order to satisfy their obligations to the court.