Road Department
The Road Department is responsible for providing safe, drivable public roadways by improving and maintaining the network of unincorporated area roads.

There are over 3,561 miles of roads shared between City, County, State, and Federal in Benton County.

The Benton County Road Department maintains:
  • Over 2000 miles of road
  • 246 bridges, culverts & slabs
Routine Maintenance Includes:
  •  Pothole patching and crack filling of asphalt pavements
  •  Grading of unpaved roads
  •  Shoulder repair along with guardrail maintenance & replacement
  •  Traffic sign maintenance & replacement
  •  Pavement striping
  •  Bridge inspection & maintenance
  •  Drainage structure maintenance such as culverts & ditches
  •  Road Funding (Tax Dollar)

The Benton County Road Department's primary concern is to maintain a safe and drivable surface while protecting the County's investment in quality roads & bridges.

Different County signage colors indicate various road attributes.

Blue Sign Roads

Limited public access road, must have a minimum of three houses, and will be graded twice a year by the County Road Department. All such signs will be maintained, and will be replaced by the Road Department.

Green Sign Roads

A county-maintained road, if accepted and signed-off on by the County Judge. All signs will be maintained and replaced by the County Road Department.

White Sign Roads

Requested private drive, will not be maintained by the County. All signs must be maintained and replaced by the property owner, or a representative of all property owners on the requested road. The cost for a new, or replacement sign shall be assessed for all white signs by the County Judge.

Road Signs

Speed limit signs, curve signs, arrow signs, and signs relative to highway safety will be replaced and maintained by the County. All other signs may be maintained and replaced by the adjoining property owner. A cost will be assessed for these signs.

We are here to help. If you have a road that is in need of repair, click the service button to report problem. Below, we also have have provided a link to frequently asked questions as well as our staff contact page.