Assessor's Office
The principal duties of the Assessor are to 'locate and value all property, real and personal' as established by the Constitution, Code and decision of the Arkansas Supreme Court.

The Assessor's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department provides geospatial information that assists in the property assessment process.

The Appraisal Department focuses on the value of real estate and all improvements. Yearly reviews are done all over the County to discover new construction, alterations and demolitions. Benton County has a five year reappraisal cycle.

The Real Estate department maintains the parcel records that include current ownership, deeds, property & mailing address, legal description, city limit boundary, school district, current valuation, assessment history, homestead, land and building data.

Search for real estate records in Benton County along with most other AR counties for information such as; parcel numbers, owners names, addresses, subdivisions, sale dates, sale prices and square footage data.

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Property owners can appeal their current assessment each year with the board. The board deals with the current market value of property and NOT the amount of taxes that are due on the property. Appraisal notices are mailed the 10th working day in July. Property owners can start making appointments with the board the next business day. August 1st of each year is the first hearing date. The board typically meets until the end of August but can meet longer if needed. Property owners are encouraged to meet with one of the county appraisers before scheduling an appoint with the board. Appointments with the board can be made by calling  479.271.1037 Monday thru Friday between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Property owners are encouraged to bring in documents that will support their idea that the value used by the county is incorrect. The board meets at  204 NE 2nd Street Bentonville, Ar.

This section contains frequently asked questions, Assessor staff listing with contact information and various office locations information.

Documents are in Adobe pdf format. Forms are fillable online.