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The principal duties of the Assessor are 'to locate and value all property, real and personal'.

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Assessing Personal Property: Arkansas law requires that all property owners assess their personal and commercial property between January 1st and May 31st each year. Personal property assessments may be done in person at any of our five offices, by phone as long as there are no changes 479-271-1033 and on line as long as there are no changes (
Assessing Commercial Property: Commercial assessment forms are sent by mail to known businesses within the county. If you are a new business or an existing business and have not received an assessment form by the end of January, please contact the business office at 479-271-1087

By statute, a 10% penalty is to be applied to all property (personal and commercial) not assessed by May 31st. ACA 26-26-1406.

Penalty is based on 10% of the assessed value (on all assets not assessed). The purchase price (or state value, whichever is used) less depreciation, multiplied by 20% gives the value. That value multiplied by 10% gives you the penalty. EXAMPLE: Purchase price = $5,000 less depreciation (1,100 depends on asset) = $3900 x 20% (assessed value) = $780. $780 x 10% = $78 penalty. This is not dollars. It is 10% of the assessed value. To relay this into dollars take the $78 multiplied by the school district millage rate where the item is kept (example is .0527). $78 x .0527 = $4.11.

Forms, Reports & On-line Services

For individuals:   Assessment Online

For businesses: Commercial Personal Property Assessment Form
Commercial Information and Statutes
Commercial Property Schedule

Depreciation Schedule:   Commercial Personal Property
Residents filling out the forms above have two choices; they can either save a blank version of the form and print copies for submission or they can fill-in forms on-line and send completed documents and any additional documentation to: As residents buy, sell and trade vehicles and residents move into, out of, or within the county, they need to notify the Assessor's Office of these changes as they occur.  Visit the Change Address page.
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